Anónimo: What is your favorite Tupac song?

omg why do you ask this D:
idk, i don’t have one favorite but i’ll tell you some songs i really like.

I ain’t mad at cha
Do for love
Keep ya head up
How do you want it


Sadness can be very consuming


Franz Six: The Brilliant Nazi Educator

Franz Six was a Doctor of Philosophy who taught at the University of Konigsberg. He was also the chairman of Foreign Political Science at the University of Berlin, and was its first Dean of the Faculty for Foreign Countries.
Along with his achievements in the academic world, Franz Six was also a member of the German Schutzstaffel (SS), eventually making rank as SS-Brigadefuhrer (the equivalent of a United States brigadier general). Reinhardt Heydrich, one of the most vicious men in the Nazi hierarchy, even appointed him the head of a department tasked to create anti-Semitic, anti-masonic propaganda.
Aside from Jews and other “enemies of the state,” Six’s department also studied prominent figures among the Allies. Their names were written down in a “Black Book” for imprisonment, exile, or execution. Had “Operation Sea Lion” (the Nazi invasion of Britain) succeeded, Six would have commanded several SS death squads. They would have rounded up and liquidated their Black Book targets, which numbered over 2,800 people.
With the failure of the invasion, Hitler turned his eyes on the Soviet Union. In Russia, Franz Six led a team of SS thugs, dubbed the Einsatzgruppen, who massacred hundreds in Smolensk, including several Jewish intellectuals.
In 1948, Six was captured and put on trial. However, attempts to link him to the atrocities in Russia, as well as alleged plans for Britain, all failed. He was sentenced to decades of imprisonment but was released just four years later.


idk but I feel like beenzino would use this as an album cover if he wanted to

is it just me or do you think so too



  1. Jackson Potluck P*ck
  2. How Do I Feast?
  3. 미쳤어 (ft. Don Meals)
  4. Eat All Night (ft. Mayson the Soup)
  5. I Don’t Have to Starve
❝ No se en que momento la maldad se apodero del mundo. Ni como el egoísmo se adueño de nuestros corazones. Lo que si se es que es algo que ni entiendo, ni comparto. Por ello me niego aceptarlo. ❞
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