every life is a journeyevery journey takes a pathevery path leads to a destination

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do whatever u need to do to feel good about urself and ur physical appearance and don’t let nobody shame u for it! whether that be getting plastic surgery or trying a new hairstyle!!! it’s ur body! it’s ur face! it’s ur hair! and it’s nobody business! if that purple lipstick makes u feel like a bad bitch, wear it! if u wanna get a 22 inch sew in or rock a fresh ass fade, by all means do that ma! if u wanna get ur breasts done or ur ass done, that’s cool too! 


Kim Wonjung by Mok Najung for GQ Korea March 2014
Artist: UnknownDynamic Duo
Title: UnknownInsomnia (불면증)
Album: UnknownTaxi Driver
Plays: 7 765

이성경. Lee Sung Kyung


don’t you hate it when money goes away when you spend it


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